Game Stamps Adder – Release Date

The beta testing session begins tomorrow for beta testers and will run until Thursday.

The public version (Version: 2.1.6522.40678) is tentatively scheduled for a release on Friday, 11/10/17.

Please see the forums for any additional information.

GSA Beta Testing Session Postponed

There is something seriously wrong with the way existing stamps are removed. I don’t have the time to investigate what the issue is before Monday, so the beta testing session is postponed to hopefully Wednesday at the latest.

Elite Money Force – Emergency Update (2.1.6512.30025)

It was reported that an “Unable to communicate with the server.” error was appearing during the update check process for Elite Money Force. uses Cloudflare for all https web traffic, of which the money maker also communicates. Recently, Cloudflare changed the TLS protocol to 1.2, which Elite Money Force did not support.

An emergency update, version 2.1.6512.30025, has been released to correct this issue.

Elite Money Force has been elevated from .NET Framework 4.5 to 4.6.1, along with a minor change to ensure it uses TLS 1.2. If you do not have version 4.6.1 of .NET Framework installed, you will need to download it from Microsoft here.

Elite Money Force (Version: TBA) – Tentative Release October 25th

A new version of Elite Money Force (Version: 2.1.6505.35604) is tentatively scheduled to be released on October 25th.

Highlights: compatibility with CP Rewritten and new Spanish translations. Further information can be found on this page.

A CP Cheats account will be required to download and use this program. No exceptions. You may create an account on the forums, which opened yesterday evening.

Beta testing begins for beta testers later today. I’m not expecting any major issues, but please advise on any you may encounter.

I will begin work on Game Stamps Adder shortly after. An expected release for it is by the end of the year (absolute latest).

Forums Open

The forums is now open. You may start registering now.

Beta testing for those who’ve agreed to help me beta test will start sometime tomorrow.

All programs have a mandatory login function. Your forums account will serve as your account login, so if you intend to use our programs, you will need to register.

Forums Opening & Elite Money Force

The forums will publicly open on Friday evening. I will conduct our first beta testing sessions to those I have down on the list sometime thereafter. As of this writing I have three people willing to test it for me, but I’d like to have one more person. This is an open invitation, so DM me on Twitter if you’re interested.

I’ve done a lot of work on Elite Money Force (reminder to new users this is a money maker hereinafter referred to as EMF). I’ve gutted a lot of the old coding and can say without a doubt it is way more efficient than it was before. Among the improvements, EMF will support Spanish speaking users. Special thanks for this will be announced on the info page.

EMF is still slated for a final release at the end of October (latest).

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