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Hello all. Unfortunately I’ve decided to close down

I spent almost all of my time after CPR closed developing a remake of Club Penguin in Unity called Club Penguin 3D. When CPR returned, I assumed there were only minor changes to fix my programs, but I was unable to obfuscate them, so I remained focused on CP3D. I set aside some time this past Saturday to fix what I thought were the minor issues with the programs. I obfuscated the money maker and released it later that day.

A few days later, I discovered an issue with the captcha system. I was unaware of the issue when I initially released the money maker, as I discovered it’s an issue that occasionally occurs (the captcha was working when I released the program). I’ve spent a lot of time trying to uncover what was causing the issue, and although I had a solution/alternative to do in order to make it work properly, I’ve decided it’s going to interfere with what little free time I have developing CP3D. So in order to remain focused on developing for CP3D, I will be closing down

I want to thank everyone who tried my programs (both for CP and CPR). Your satisfaction was what I always strived to achieve, but unfortunately I’ve decided it’s in my best interests to close this chapter in my life and focus my attention on developing CP3D.

The forums and all registered accounts will be deleted on July 13th.

Thank you again for all your support. I wish all of you the best.

General Updates

Both programs have been fixed. Please pay careful attention to the following.

Due to the addition of the recaptcha challenge implemented by CP Rewritten, some additional packages are now required in order for my programs to work. Upon logging in, the programs will now display a new form that prompts you to complete the recaptcha challenge. Because this is being done via an embedded browser in the programs, you will have to complete the challenge more times than you normally would as embedded browsers are usually used by bots to solve captchas automatically.

A public release for both programs is tentatively scheduled for early release tomorrow, 11/26/17.

It was also brought to my attention that Puffle Launch has been fixed. The next update for the Game Stamps Adder will support these stamps.

Forum registrations are re-enabled.

Forums Open

The forums is now open. You may start registering now.

Beta testing for those who’ve agreed to help me beta test will start sometime tomorrow.

All programs have a mandatory login function. Your forums account will serve as your account login, so if you intend to use our programs, you will need to register.

Forums Opening & Elite Money Force

The forums will publicly open on Friday evening. I will conduct our first beta testing sessions to those I have down on the list sometime thereafter. As of this writing I have three people willing to test it for me, but I’d like to have one more person. This is an open invitation, so DM me on Twitter if you’re interested.

I’ve done a lot of work on Elite Money Force (reminder to new users this is a money maker hereinafter referred to as EMF). I’ve gutted a lot of the old coding and can say without a doubt it is way more efficient than it was before. Among the improvements, EMF will support Spanish speaking users. Special thanks for this will be announced on the info page.

EMF is still slated for a final release at the end of October (latest).

Upcoming Elite Money Force Update & New Forums

A quick update.

Elite Money Force will be the first of our programs to return. I’ve been getting favorable results after several trial runs, so look forward to a new release in the next few weeks. A reminder, our programs will support a private server known as Club Penguin Rewritten.

For those who may recall, you had to register on my site to download and use my programs. This same thing will still apply. Since I cleared the user database when Club Penguin closed (I had no plans on supporting cheats for a CPPS at the time), all users will have to re-register. This time, however, you will all register on the forums I’m setting up. This way, one account will grant you access to my programs and serve as a place where you can also post comments, suggestions, and/or bugs.

Regarding the new forums, I’ve completed most of the integration between my original API and the forums. I need to finish ensuring the security measures are properly in place.

An expected release for Elite Money Force is around the end of October.

Domain Migration

I have begun migrating domains. I am nearly done restoring broken files.

From hereafter, The Club Penguin Cheats (TCPC) will now be known as Club Penguin Cheats.

More information will be coming soon.

Upcoming Updates

Cloud Penguin is returning for support for a Club Penguin private server known as Alpha Penguin. I am leading the implementation of the updates, and a release date has been set for this Friday. More information can be found here.

Due to the extreme lack of difficulty involved (as of the date of this post) in optimizing my C# PCL for another Club Penguin private server known as Club Penguin Rewritten, I decided a week ago that I would like to re-release most of my programs. No particular order has been set yet, but the first to roll out will most likely be either Elite Money Force (Money Maker) or the Game Stamps Adder. I am aware of the developer’s current/impending server updates, and I am carefully monitoring these kinds of cases. If they manage to actually make it harder to login, I will not continue this plan as it would take too much of my time to investigate the changes and reconfigure PCL again.

However, provided nothing major changes, we will also undergo a domain change. Our new domain will be After I’m finished with Cloud Penguin, I’ll focus my attention back on TCPC and see where things stand.

Disclaimers: I’m not affiliated with Club Penguin Rewritten, nor have I been responsible for any bot attacks on their servers; All updates to Cloud Penguin were done in conjunction and approval of the remaining members of the CuP team (of which I’m obviously a member); I’m a moderator on Alpha Penguin and a good friend of the owner; Our programs will not come to Alpha Penguin.

Blog Changes

I have removed a lot of links and other content on the blog. I may keep the blog running for now or replace it with a static page until I can decide on a new domain. Either way, I’ll continue to use either method to provide you all with updates.

TCPC / Accounts / Programs

Attention: Downloads for all of our programs have been disabled. TCPC account registration has also been suspended.

Once I’ve verified the virtual world of Club Penguin is indeed shut down, I will clear the entire user database. All usernames, encrypted passwords, emails, etc. will be permanently deleted.

The blog will remain up and running so I can continue providing updates on how/when I will be closing out the rest of TCPC. I will also continue using TCPC to share where I’m at with the new site for my upcoming project.

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