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Programs Released [README]

Both programs are now available for download.

When you download the zip file, you must extract to folder. There are several packages the program depends on in order to run properly. Do not try to move files around or alter them. They must stay where they are.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

General Updates

Both programs have been fixed. Please pay careful attention to the following.

Due to the addition of the recaptcha challenge implemented by CP Rewritten, some additional packages are now required in order for my programs to work. Upon logging in, the programs will now display a new form that prompts you to complete the recaptcha challenge. Because this is being done via an embedded browser in the programs, you will have to complete the challenge more times than you normally would as embedded browsers are usually used by bots to solve captchas automatically.

A public release for both programs is tentatively scheduled for early release tomorrow, 11/26/17.

It was also brought to my attention that Puffle Launch has been fixed. The next update for the Game Stamps Adder will support these stamps.

Forum registrations are re-enabled.

All Programs Blocked

All programs are blocked due to a change in CP Rewritten’s login procedure. This change is preventing connections to the server.

I am currently working on a fix, but as this essentially involves breaking Google’s captcha challenge system, I have no estimated time to give at this point (and may not ever).

Game Stamps Adder – Release Date

The beta testing session begins tomorrow for beta testers and will run until Thursday.

The public version (Version: 2.1.6522.40678) is tentatively scheduled for a release on Friday, 11/10/17.

Please see the forums for any additional information.

GSA Beta Testing Session Postponed

There is something seriously wrong with the way existing stamps are removed. I don’t have the time to investigate what the issue is before Monday, so the beta testing session is postponed to hopefully Wednesday at the latest.

Elite Money Force – Emergency Update (2.1.6512.30025)

It was reported that an “Unable to communicate with the server.” error was appearing during the update check process for Elite Money Force. uses Cloudflare for all https web traffic, of which the money maker also communicates. Recently, Cloudflare changed the TLS protocol to 1.2, which Elite Money Force did not support.

An emergency update, version 2.1.6512.30025, has been released to correct this issue.

Elite Money Force has been elevated from .NET Framework 4.5 to 4.6.1, along with a minor change to ensure it uses TLS 1.2. If you do not have version 4.6.1 of .NET Framework installed, you will need to download it from Microsoft here.

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