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Cloud Penguin is returning for support for a Club Penguin private server known as Alpha Penguin. I am leading the implementation of the updates, and a release date has been set for this Friday. More information can be found here.

Due to the extreme lack of difficulty involved (as of the date of this post) in optimizing my C# PCL for another Club Penguin private server known as Club Penguin Rewritten, I decided a week ago that I would like to re-release most of my programs. No particular order has been set yet, but the first to roll out will most likely be either Elite Money Force (Money Maker) or the Game Stamps Adder. I am aware of the developer’s current/impending server updates, and I am carefully monitoring these kinds of cases. If they manage to actually make it harder to login, I will not continue this plan as it would take too much of my time to investigate the changes and reconfigure PCL again.

However, provided nothing major changes, we will also undergo a domain change. Our new domain will be cpcheats.info. After I’m finished with Cloud Penguin, I’ll focus my attention back on TCPC and see where things stand.

Disclaimers: I’m not affiliated with Club Penguin Rewritten, nor have I been responsible for any bot attacks on their servers; All updates to Cloud Penguin were done in conjunction and approval of the remaining members of the CuP team (of which I’m obviously a member); I’m a moderator on Alpha Penguin and a good friend of the owner; Our programs will not come to Alpha Penguin.

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Elite Money Force

Elite Money Force