Upcoming Elite Money Force Update & New Forums

A quick update.

Elite Money Force will be the first of our programs to return. I’ve been getting favorable results after several trial runs, so look forward to a new release in the next few weeks. A reminder, our programs will support a private server known as Club Penguin Rewritten.

For those who may recall, you had to register on my site to download and use my programs. This same thing will still apply. Since I cleared the user database when Club Penguin closed (I had no plans on supporting cheats for a CPPS at the time), all users will have to re-register. This time, however, you will all register on the forums I’m setting up. This way, one account will grant you access to my programs and serve as a place where you can also post comments, suggestions, and/or bugs.

Regarding the new forums, I’ve completed most of the integration between my original API and the forums. I need to finish ensuring the security measures are properly in place.

An expected release for Elite Money Force is around the end of October.

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Elite Money Force

Elite Money Force