CPCheats.info Shutting Down

Hello all. Unfortunately I’ve decided to close down CPCheats.info.

I spent almost all of my time after CPR closed developing a remake of Club Penguin in Unity called Club Penguin 3D. When CPR returned, I assumed there were only minor changes to fix my programs, but I was unable to obfuscate them, so I remained focused on CP3D. I set aside some time this past Saturday to fix what I thought were the minor issues with the programs. I obfuscated the money maker and released it later that day.

A few days later, I discovered an issue with the captcha system. I was unaware of the issue when I initially released the money maker, as I discovered it’s an issue that occasionally occurs (the captcha was working when I released the program). I’ve spent a lot of time trying to uncover what was causing the issue, and although I had a solution/alternative to do in order to make it work properly, I’ve decided it’s going to interfere with what little free time I have developing CP3D. So in order to remain focused on developing for CP3D, I will be closing down CPCheats.info.

I want to thank everyone who tried my programs (both for CP and CPR). Your satisfaction was what I always strived to achieve, but unfortunately I’ve decided it’s in my best interests to close this chapter in my life and focus my attention on developing CP3D.

The forums and all registered accounts will be deleted on July 13th.

Thank you again for all your support. I wish all of you the best.

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