Elite Money Force

Elite Money Force is the most reliable money maker out there!

Elite Money Force will connect to the game Catching Waves on the Club Penguin private server known as Club Penguin Rewritten (hereinafter referred to as “CPR”). So please be aware if you have all the stamps for that game, you will earn double the requested coins. This is part of the mechanics done by the server, not me. If you do not have all of the stamps for the game, then this won’t affect you.

Although I do not impose a limit, you are strongly recommended to not have more than 100,000 coins in order to avoid getting banned. The maximum coins allowed by the server is 1 million, though I strongly recommend you don’t add that many.

For every 1 second, a player can earn a maximum of 30 coins. Therefore, the more coins you attempt to add to your player, the longer it will take to complete. If connection to CPR is interrupted at any point during the process, no coins will be added. Please keep this in mind when using the program.

Although I have taken extensive precautions to ensure that this is the safest possible money maker, please be aware that by using it you will still be breaking CPR’s rules because they don’t allow the use of a third party application. Although the likelihood you will be banned is very minimal, please be aware that you still run the risk of receiving a ban.

By using this program, you are agreeing to both the warning statements and the Readme.



To report a problem, you may tweet to @SnowfireCP or make a post on the forums detailing the issue.

If you were banned as a result of using this program, please notify me immediately so that we can disable it in order to prevent further bans to other players.

To make a suggestion, you may use one of the above communication methods.


Change log for Version 2.1.6521.30575

  • Fixed hanging on “Status: Connected”
  • Fixed joining another room after joining the game (definitely not normal/rare occurrence)


Change log for Version 2.1.6512.30025

  • Fixed TLS 1.2 issue
  • .NET Framework version elevated from 4.5 to 4.6.1


Change log for Version 2.1.6505.35604

  • PCL optimized for CP Rewritten
    • Several new changes
  • Several classes rewritten
  • New language: Spanish
    • Spanish translations (Special thanks to: Gravix)




Compatibility and Requirements

Windows 7 or higher only. Mac versions will never be available.

A CP Cheats account is required to download and use this program. To create one, click here.

You must have .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed. To download it from Microsoft, click here.



Portuguese Translations – MhX pre ~2016, Google Translate > 2017

Spanish Translations – Gravix

Coding and Graphics – Snowfire0206



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