This entire about page is filled with inaccuracies. Revisions will be done in time.

TheCPCheats.info, abbreviated TCPC, was founded on January 8th, 2012 by myself, Snowfire0206. TCPC has been through a lot of changes to become the success it is today. I am proud of everything that has been developed, and I owe a lot of thanks to MhX. Without him, we would not have our apps, and we would most likely would not be the success we are today. Most of our apps were coded by him, whereas the graphics were done by me. Site maintenance and anything else related to TCPC is pretty much handled by me. Occasional bug fixes and improvements with our apps are often done by me; however, I still owe all of my thanks to MhX.


Team list:

  • Snowfire0206 – Founder, Administrator, Developer, and Blogger
  • MhX – Contributing Developer


TCPC’s official YouTube account can be found here.


About our Programs

All of our programs were developed by TCPC, and no one else. No one is allowed to re-upload them without our permission. If you downloaded one from somewhere else, we would like to ask that you report the site to us and delete the program. Programs that were not downloaded from TCPC are not guaranteed to be legitimate.

For those looking to share our programs with others, please link to the download page and not the download link. Re-uploading, direct linking, and decompiling our programs are not allowed.



If you wish to contact us, please send a tweet to my twitter account (Snowfire0206). This is actually a preferred method as it is easier for me to see your messages. If you cannot use that method, then please leave a comment on this page, and I will do my best to resolve your issue.

If you wish to email us, our email address is [email protected].

4 Responses to About

  • I’ve been folowing cpcheats from before cp storm.
    What happened to microchip?

    • Snowfire0206

      To the best of my memory, Microchip retired from the CP cheating scene. He sold his domain to someone (Andyh2 if I recall) affiliated with Chrisdog93 (through Bitcoin for approx. $1000). The domain was then used for several years to advertise a useless moneymaker that I’m not sure to this day if it actually worked.

      Chrisdog never really had total ownership of the domain. It belonged to someone else, and when that person failed to renew it, the domain expired and was put through a public auction. I participated in this auction, and successfully acquired it. A similar thing happened with clubpenguincp.com (Chrisdog’s main site). Chrisdog did not (or was not able to) renew it, and his domain went through the same auction process like cpcheats.info did. He was not able to re-acquire it either.

      No matter what, I was going to make certain Chrisdog would never regain cpcheats.info as it was put through such a waste. After gaining cpcheats.info, I turned it over to MhX and we had it forward to Cloud Penguin (a trainer for CP). After MhX abruptly left, and after CP closed, I now solely make any and all decisions regarding the domain, and I’ve decided to host my cheats under this domain for CP Rewritten.

  • Hey snowfire! I was wondering if you can make more websites that give you money on different games like MSP or Roblox…Thank you so much! btw i love your elite money force cheat it is epic! 😀

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