Map Label – Glitch

I was messing around on Club Penguin a while a go and I found a glitch. To do it follow these instructions:
1) Open the map
2) Hold down an icon (not the ‘x’ button.).
3) Move the mouse while holding it to the ‘x’ button
4) Click the ‘x’ button
5) The label should still be there

What do you think of this glitch? Did you know of this? Leave your comments below.

Rockhopper’s Quest is around the corner

There is a new post on the blog made by Happy77. The post read:


In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked what your message would be to the kids we support through Coins for Change.
I liked Wysteria03’s comment:

Hi, I’m soo happy we raised enough coins to donate $2 million to various charities! This is my message… I’m soo happy we could help you. I’m also glad that me, my friends and penguins from around the world could help people like you to have safe places to rest, live and learn. The best Christmas present I had, was knowing that my coins would make someone else happy, that, I feel, was the best present of all! Giving IS better than receiving! We can change the lives of others by our actions, and Coins for Change is a way to do it.

Thanks for your nice comments, everyone!

In other news… As many of you know, Rockhopper’s Quest is happening right now! So I’d like to know… What is your favorite part of the Quest so far?

Stay tuned for another Reviewed By You coming soon! I’ll feature one of your comments next time and you’ll even receive a coin bonus of 10,000 on your account if your comment is featured!

Waddle On! 🙂

-Club Penguin Team

I am really looking forward to see what things they will add in addition to what they have now, how about you? Leave your comments below!

New Party Coming Soon!!!

Look what Happy77 wrote!


Happy77 here. Thanks for all your comments about the Fashion Show! This is the first time we’ve ever hosted an event in one room, so we’ve loved hearing what you think about it.

Some of you asked if this was the only special event in February… Guess what? There’s a brand new party happening later this month! I’m excited about this one and can’t wait to hear what you think of it. We’ll have some sneak peeks for you very soon. Stay tuned!

But first… we’re just about ready to launch a play at the Stage! It’s two plays combined called “The Vikings That Time Forgot”:blog_120208.jpg

What plays would you like to see at the Stage in the future?

So what plays would you like to see in the future? Leave your comments below.

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